Mika Godbole player 4 Grisey’s Le Noir De L’Etoile


DW player 1 Grisey’s Le Noir De L’Etoile

DW with alumni cast of thousands!!

celebrating concert #100

Having fun with my alumni
after concert #100

AJ Lustig Bianchi player 5 Grisey’s Le Noir De L’Etoile

Brittany Hoffman Player 6 Grisey’s Le Noir De L’Etoile

DW’s alumni all-star quintet

Matt Witten player 2 Grisey’s Le Noir De L’Etoile

Tchaikovsky 4 masterclass with Philadelphia Orchestra percussionist Anthony Orlando.

Eric Carr playing at PASIC 2011 in Indianapolis Indiana

Eric Carr winning 2nd place in the collegiate snare drum competition at the 2011 Percussive Arts Society International Convention

 Freshmen rite of passage, sweeping and mopping the percussion storage closet.   (L to R) Dan Sullivan, Tom Barry, Ryan Cullen, Glenn Dawson and Enoch Jeon

Jaren Angud playing Scheherazade at Curtis masterclass 2011

Eric Carr playing American in Paris at Curtis masterclass 2011

Greg playing with his food after children’s concert in Camden elementary school 2011

Kevin Edwards, first student to play on our new “Septimbre” drum built by Anthony Orlando

April 2010 John Beck with AJ Bianchi, Jake Wiener and Dean Witten after concert

Anthony Graves getting some recital tips

Colleen getting some pointers from JB

Jeremy Lowe improvising with John Beck

Pool shark AJ Bianchi – not the quiet theory teacher everyone thinks she is!!!

After a long day, John Beck relaxing and demonstrating his trick shot. Watch closely as Dean Witten’s money disappears!!

Erik playing Beethoven 9 for the master

Jen playing Carmina Burana in lesson

Megan getting help on snare drum from John Beck

Megan playing timpani concerto for John Beck

John Beck rehearsing timpani concerto with Jeremy and Eric

Jaren Angud lesson with John Beck

Dean Witten with Gordon Stout at PASIC 2009

Percussion Ensemble Concert with Bill Cahn- Spring 2009

Percussion Ensemble with guest Bill Cahn April 2009

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